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  • Luxembourg launches business focused national space agency Statement 17/09/18 12:26:00

    The Government of Luxembourg continued work to expand its role in the global space economy on September 12th by formally establishing a national space agency -  Luxembourg Space Agency (LSA). The Luxembourg Space Agency has been launched operations with the goal of promoting economic development of the Grand Duchy’s space industry by attracting businesses, developing human resources, providing innovative financial solutions and supporting educational and research infrastructure.

  • Luxembourg Parliamentary Elections: 14 October 2018 Statement 10/09/18

    On 14 October 2018, all Luxembourg citizens are called upon to directly elect the 60 members of the Luxembourg Chamber of Deputies (Chambre des députés).

  • Citoyens luxembourgeois résident en Inde Statement 20/08/18

    Au Luxembourg, le vote aux élections législatives du 14 octobre prochain est obligatoire pour tous les électeurs inscrits sur les listes électorales . Vous pouvez cependant demander à voter par correspondance. Dans ce cas, la demande est à introduire auprès du collège des bourgmestre et échevins de votre commune d’inscription.

  • Luxembourg to be the first European country to guarantee mineral ownership rights in space Statement 07/06/17

    The Grand Duchy is expected to join the US in offering a legal framework allowing companies to exploit the 'off planet economy'. The next big step in space will indeed be the extraction of minerals from near earth objects, like asteroids. Luxembourg is set to take a big leap towards becoming the first European country to guarantee mineral ownership rights in space. This development entails that Luxembourg becomes a preferred location for space related business. Recently, the US based 'Planetary Resources' and Japan based 'Lunar Robotic Exploration' decided to establish their headquarter for European operations in the Grand-duchy.

  • Luxembourg’s Got Talent: The Grand Duchy stands in third place in the IMD World Talent Report Statement 07/06/17

    The leading indexes and ranking agencies such as INSEAD Global competitiveness index, Eurobarometer & European Commission, Eurostat and World Economic Forum have reaffirmed that Luxembourg has a large, highly skilled and multilingual talent pool.

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