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  • participates at the ICT Spring 2021 Statement 16/09/21

    The Bengaluru based tech startup Gingermind participated at the ICT Spring Europe held from 14-15 September 2021 in Luxembourg, showcasing its technologies during the exhibition.

    Mr. Gaurav Mittal, the Founder and CEO represented Gingermind also presented his company’s technologies through a 5 minute presentation to the European stakeholders during the Digital Summit at the ICT Spring.

  • Call for applications for the Fit4Start edition #12 Statement 14/09/21

    The Call for applications for the 12th edition of the Luxembourg’s leading accelerator programme for innovative startups, the Fit4Start is now open until 4 October (till 5pm CET/8:30pm IST).

    Indian startups active in ICT, HealthTech and Space sectors are invited to apply. Moreover in this edition, the Fit4Start programme is enlarging its offer by giving up to 5 startups access to Luxembourg’s brand new petascale High Performance Computer (HPC) which presents a great opportunity for young and innovative companies dealing with large amounts of data, data analytics and HPC.   Read more..

  • Luxembourg 12th most competitive economy Statement 31/08/21

    The coronavirus pandemic, and the economic turmoil it created, made 2020 a difficult year for economies across the world. Luxembourg nevertheless improved its competitiveness and is ranked in 12th place as per the latest  IMD World Competitiveness Ranking.  Compared to 2019, Luxembourg improved its ranking by three places. Read more..

  • Luxembourg 3rd most attractive city Statement 26/08/21

    Luxembourg ranks 3rd in the 2021 Global 150 Cities Index , which identifies cities worldwide that have the ideal combination of high salaries, low taxes, reasonable costs and good quality of life. Read more..

  • Moody’s confirms Luxembourg's AAA rating Statement 18/08/21

    Based on Luxembourg’s economic resilience, solid public finances and its robust and transparent institutional framework, the credit rating agency Moody’s has once again confirmed the country’s AAA rating. Luxembourg is one of the few countries in the world that continues to receive the agency’s pledge of stability and confidence. Read more..  

  • Luxembourg among the top 10 financial centres in the world Statement 09/08/21

    Luxembourg ranks 8th in the 2021 edition of the Global Financial Centres Index , which analyses the size and growth of financial markets in over 60 countries. When taking into account the wider business environment, Luxembourg comes in 4th. It is also considered the most international of any financial centre. Read more..

  • ICT Spring Europe 2021 to be held in Luxembourg from 14-15 September 2021 and call for start-ups to apply for the Mastermind competition Statement 02/08/21

    The 2021 edition of the annual ICT Spring Europe will be held from 14-15 September at the European Convention Centre in Luxembourg. This year, the ICT Spring conference will be taking place within the framework of the Digital ICT Week, organised by the Chamber of Commerce Luxembourg . This 2021 edition of ICT Spring will be a Hybrid edition. Although most speakers during this two day conference are expected to be present physically, some will join virtually. And since the number of attendees at the physical event in Luxembourg with booths at the European Convention Center will be limited, most attendees are also expected to join virtually. More than 100 international experts will be participating in the ICT Spring conference. In addition, the event will host an array of international professionals, as well as high-level conferences, exhibitions and demonstrations of latest technology trends and innovations on themes such as FinTech, Digital Supply Chain, Space technologies, Cybersecurity, IoT among others. The Mastermind Summit , which is particularly geared at Start-ups and its competition are also part of the ICT Spring Conference.   Read more..

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