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Formalities to be taken care of upon arrival in Luxembourg

Upon arrival in Luxembourg, the applicant is required to make a declaration of arrival (“déclaration d’arrivée”) at the local commune where he/she plans to take residence. The applicant will be provided with a copy of this declaration. The ministerial letter of authorization and the copy of the arrival declaration will serve as proof that the person is authorized to reside in Luxembourg until he/she has duly received the residence permit.

In order to receive a residence permit, the applicant is required, within three months of the declaration of arrival, to submit to the Department of Immigration the following form: Formulaire  «  Demande en délivrance d’un titre de séjour pour ressortissant de pays tiers », together with these documents:
a) a certified copy of the ministerial letter of authorization
b) a certified copy of the arrival declaration established by the local commune of residence
c) a medical certificate by a doctor established in Luxembourg
d) proof of adequate accommodation
e) proof of payment of EUR 30 to the « Administration de l’Enregistrement et des Domaines », account CCPL n° LU65 1111 0002 4753 0000.