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University of Luxembourg Ranked in Global Top 10 for Software Engineering Research

Published Monday October 04 2021

According to a recently conducted study by the Journal of Systems and Software ,the University of Luxembourg  ranks amongst the top 10 Universities active in Software Engineering research, which highlights the solid reputation it built in this area in the past years.

The most prominent themes covered by its software engineering research during the last decade include testing, the implementation of design and code architecture, as well as the concepts of agile software development. 

Not only are these wide range of topics taken into account by the ranking, but so are the latest emerging trends. Among the most-used Software Engineering terms from these past three years are “deep/machine learning”, “neural networks” and “fuzz testing”. 

This study reinforces the international as well as the European leadership of the University of Luxembourg in the field of software engineering, thanks to its talented researchers and the outstanding quality of its publications. 

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