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Luxembourg’s Satmed project brings healthcare to various parts of the world

Published Tuesday June 08 2021

Did you know that satellites can play a vital role in supporting medical professionals? Discover how the  Luxembourg Government 's /  SES Satellites ’  SATMED  project brings healthcare services to various parts of the world through satellite-based telemedicine networks.  

SATMED is a high quality e-health platform that is open, easy-to-use, readily available and accessible from anywhere. It is the medical arm of , the disaster recovery communications platform created to improve the rapid response capabilities of rescue teams in areas hit by severe natural or human-made catastrophes. 

SATMED’s objective is to help healthcare providers make better use of information technology and mobile health solutions in remote and underdeveloped areas, particularly to support regional development programs and humanitarian operations. 

In the light of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Government of Luxembourg has made the use of the SATMED eHealth platform available free of charge for the healthcare professionals’ community of selected health organisations to help them in fighting the pandemic. All e-health applications integrated within the platform are license free. 

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