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Luxembourg ranks among the top cities to live

Published Wednesday January 21 2015

The capital appears to sixth place in the world ranking of the most pleasant cities to live and work , according to an international survey of 64 destinations in the world. Geneva and Zurich dominate the rankings . The international survey Global Liveable Cities Index (GLCI) jointly conducted by researchers from the University of Singapore, the University of California and Curtin University in Bentley, Australia, places Luxembourg in the Top 10 of the most pleasant cities to live and work there, on the basis of economic, environmental and aesthetic criteria, as well as items such as respect for the balance between work and private life.

Swiss cities are placed head, as Geneva and Zurich are the highest ranked before Singapore. Overall, European cities are well represented, particularly the Scandinavian cities: Copenhagen (4th), Helsinki (5th) and Stockholm (7th). Berlin, Hong Kong and Auckland close for their Top 10. Do not rest on its laurels.

Other big cities , though known for their economic dynamism include far behind. If Paris (13th), New York (17th), Tokyo (18th) remain in the Top 20, London is ranked 22nd. At the bottom of the rankings included Karachi (61), Moscow (62) and Manila (63). This is Jakarta bringing up the rear in 64th position, tied with Buenos Aires.

"The current status of a city is not indicative of its future rank", say the study authors. The environmental progress and improvement of transport infrastructure already underway in many Asian countries, especially in China's cities, could ensure that European cities are tomorrow relegated to second place.