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Luxembourg Strong Innovator

Published Thursday September 30 2021

Luxembourg ranks 7th in the EU and is in the category “strong innovators” in the 2021 edition of the European Innovation Scoreboard . The country in particular stands out for its attractive research system, human resources and intellectual assets.

Luxembourg's strongest performance is in the category “attractive research systems”, where it scores 184.5, compared to the EU average of 100. This high score is due to the exceptionally high number of foreign doctoral students (indexed 297.3). Two other subcategories were the country performs well are international scientific co-publications (173.0) and most cited publications (128.9).

With an index of 170.6, Luxembourg also gets a high score in the category “human resources”, where the country stands out for the high proportion of its population that has a tertiary education (207.1) and for lifelong learning (183.8).

Another noteworthy strong area is “intellectual assets” where  due to the high number of trademark and design applications, the country’s index is 145.8.

And lastly, thanks to an index of 184.6 in the field of resource productivity, Luxembourg also scored well in the new category “environmental sustainability”.

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