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Luxembourg High Performance Computer (HPC) Meluxina celebrates one year anniversary

Published Thursday June 16 2022

On 14 June, the Luxembourg High Performance Computer (HPC), Meluxina , celebrated its one year anniversary. Present at this important occasion were the Crown Prince of Luxembourg & the Luxembourg Minister of Economy, Mr. Franz Fayot among other officials.

“So far, more than 200 companies from 15 different economic sectors have already expressed their interest in using Meluxina. With more than 60 projects already running on our supercomputer, we are still in the early stages. I'm calling on all companies to contact us to analyse together how we can help them boost their business with the supercomputer”, said the CEO of LuxProvide , Mr. Roger Lampasch.

Meluxina ranks already among the top 50 high-performance computers of the World with a maximum peak computing power of 18 petaflops (corresponding to 18 million billion computational operations per second).

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