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Environment monitoring centre to open in Luxembourg

Published Thursday June 11 2015

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Luxembourg Economy Minister Etienne Schneider on Tuesday presented plans for the creation of an EarthLab centre, monitoring the environment with a view to assessing risks for industry, insurance and investment funds. The EarthLab is a joint venture between Telespazio France, e-GEOS (a subsidiary of the Italian Space Agency and Telespazio), POST Luxembourg (37 percent of shares) and HITEC Luxembourg (8 percent of shares).

The Luxembourg branch will join two other EarthLabs already in existence, in France and Gabon, with hopes to add more centres on all continents over the next two years to form the EarthLab Galaxy network.

The objective for Luxembourg is to launch “a new generation of industrial and environmental risk monitoring services,” with a view to proposing “advanced services related to risk exposure for insurance , strategic economic assessment and asset management concerns in public and private sector.”

The geo-information research centre, using data collected by satellites and other methods of observation for analysis, is expected to create around 30 jobs in the Grand Duchy.

Among other reasons, Luxembourg was chosen for its ICT infrastructures, access to European markets and its role in the financial and insurance sectors.

Economy Minister Etienne Schneider commented at the presentation on Tuesday that the project was the result of efforts to continue with the diversification of Luxembourg's economy. He also said that projects such as this one “retroactively justify the accession of our country to the European Space Agency,” which Luxembourg joined in 2005.

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