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The Constitution confers to the Grand Duke the prerogative to appoint and revoke members of the Government . However, in practice the Grand Duke respects the results of national elections by appointing one person, from the political party having gathered the most votes, to choose and present potential candidates for the formation of a cabinet.

The composition of the cabinet is not laid down by the Constitution. Indeed, the Constitution only stipulates that the Grand Duke – in practice the Prime Minister – can organise his Government freely. Thus, the number of members of Government can vary, as can the portfolios. The number of ministerial departments generally exceeds the number of members of the cabinet called upon to serve in office; thus a single cabinet member normally holds more than one portfolio.

Every year, the Prime Minister holds a State of the Nation speech in the Chamber of Deputies in order to inform about the progress made by the Government in implementing the measures laid down in the coalition agreement, to present the measures to be taken by the Government in the near future and to explain the general political, economic and social situation of the country.

The Composition of the Government: 4 February 2020

Xavier Bettel (DP) Prime Minister, Minister of State, Minister for Communication and Media, Minister for Religious Affairs, Minister for Digitisation, Minister of the Administrative Reform
Dan Kersch (LSAP) Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Sport, Minister of Labour,Employment and the Social and Solidarity Economy
François Bausch (Dei Gréng) Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defence, Minister for Mobility and Public Works, Minister for Internal Security
Jean Asselborn(LSAP) Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, Minister of Immigration and Asylum
Romain Schneider (LSAP) Minister of Agriculture,Viticulture and Rural Development, Minister of Social Security
Pierre Gramegna (DP) Minister of Finance
Franz Fayot (LSAP) Minister of the Economy, Minister for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs
Claude Meisch (DP) Minister of National Education, Childhood and Youth, Minister for Higher Education and Research
Corinne Cahen (DP) Minister for Family Affairs and Integration, Minister for the Greater Region
Carole Dieschbourg (Dei Gréng) Minister for the Environment,Climate and Sustainable Development
Marc Hansen (DP) Minister for the Civil Service, Minister for Relations with Parliament, Minister Delegate for Digitisation, Minister Delegate for the Administrative Reform
Claude Turmes (Dei Gréng) Minister for Spatial Planning, Minister for Energy
Paulette Lenert (LSAP) Minister for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs, Minister for Consumer Protection
Sam Tanson (Dei Gréng) Minister for Culture, Minister for Housing
Taina Bofferding (LSAP) Minister of Equality between Women and Men, Minister for Home Affairs
Lex Delles (DP) Minister of the Middle Classes, Minister for Tourism

DP: Democratic Party 

LSAP: Luxembourg Socialist Workers Party

Dei Gréng: Luxembourg Green Political Party


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